Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with purchased order, you are allowed to make a claim for full or partial refund. For successful refund you need to follow a set of rules and the refund must be in the below-mentioned conditions.

You can apply for the refund in the following cases before the approval of delivered material:

1). A 100% refund in case:

2). 70% refund if:

Less than 50% time of deadline has passed. In this case, a writer would be assigned and must be compensated because he or she would be working on your assignment.

3). 50% refund if:

Once the refund procedure has been started, you would not be granted property or intellectual property rights on the delivered text material. In a case of refund all the property or intellectual property rights would be revoked or cancelled.

100% refund would be impossible if the text is sent for revision. Sending text for revision means you have approved your order in general, and only minor adjustments are required.